Borrowing Ideas from Classic Styles, Chinese Netizen DIY Air Uniforms

In February of this year, China Eastern Airlines, one of the three major airlines in China, launched a uniform designing campaign on a global scale for selection of designers to be announced in mid-March; this remarkable cross-border cooperation has attracted a lot of attention from the industry. At the same time, in order to solicit more innovative ideas from common Internet users and fashion fans, China Eastern Airlines has specially made a website, to provide a forum for fashion designers to showcase their talent. You can easily use various existing materials to match colors and styles, turning your ingenious uniform creativity into reality.

Drawing inspiration from the clothing trends of recent years, Chinese fashion fans showed us the perfect combination of vogue and aviation uniforms. The followings are some designs collected on this site! Let’s enjoy!

1. The right is the stewardess uniform Aerolineas Argentinas used from 1992 to 2003. Black and white dots highlight women’s elegancy and agility, at the same time make the lady both capable and lively.

2. This is the uniform Air West used in 1970s. Neat tailoring and bold colors can easily create a capable, and at the same time, amiable professional woman.


In 2011, the New York women’s fashion show for fall and winter, MARC BY MARC JACOBS also used warm colors to send a warm breath into the cold winter.

3. This is the stewardess uniform Pan Am used in the 1960s. Simple color and ingenuous cut made it a real classic.


Also in the 2011 New York women’s fashion show for fall and winter, Jason Wu showed us a suit made of satin. From the sapphire blue design, can you see something from the Pan American World Airways’s stewardess uniform? So simple and smart!

4. Black and white will never be out of style. This flight attendant uniform used by Air Europe in 1990s is also a classic in the uniform history. It’s also a perfect choice for Office Lady. OLs must give it a thought!

5. This is the stewardess uniform Cebu Pacific used in 2001-2003. The two blues are reminiscent of overlooking the sea from the air – looks really soothing.


Jil Sander 2011 Early Autumn series also echoes with simplicity and linear lines.

6. The right is the stewardess uniform Corsair used in 1990s. The use of contrasting fabric textures, appropriately applied fluorescent colors, together with mature design skill and an accurate sense of fashion, give this uniform a modern temperament.

7. This is the Aserca’s attendant uniform in 1990-2005.

Light yellow is a rare color in aviation – an industry of efficiency and preciseness, but it doesn’t matter, this uniform is another great classic. Refreshing, Hah?

8. The nude-colored stewardess uniform on the right is what Delta Airlines used 50 years ago. Nude color staged a comeback in recent years; Delta Airlines showed us its fashion sensitivity 50 years ago.


This suit is from ASOS; its use of dark and light nude colors stitching together has successfully created a strong three-dimensional effect – full of personality.

9. This is the 2000-2002 Condor Berlin‘s stewardess uniform. Its smooth and graceful lines and flared skirt broke the limitation of traditional uniform designs, and the dark color can hardly hide its breeziness.

There are many other interesting and wonderful designs on the website, if you are interested, just take a look at the tastes of these Chinese fashion fans. Besides, voting for your favorite designs can enter you into three lucky draws a day. You will visit us, right? 

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Beautiful Airline Uniforms

Collections of Worldwide Airline Uniforms

Having travelled a lot in the past few years by airplanes, I’ve found the airlines uniforms vary from country to country, each one carrying different colors, styles, designs….Here, I have collected some typical pictures of different airline uniforms; let’s see which one is your favorite!


1、Etihad Airways (United Arab Emirates)

Left: This uniform is full of the Middle East style, esp. the coif stewardess wears, and personally I really like this decoration, delicate, typical and classical.

2、Firefly Airlines (Malaysia)

Right: Malaysian Firefly Airlines is an airline recently built; the bright orange color is eye catching. I’m deeply touched by this brave choice of color and energy the stewardess shows. It is like being bathed in sunshine.


3、China Eastern Airlines (China)

The uniform from China, of typical Chinese style, elegant yet full of fashionable elements, esp. flower-shaped cloth button, quite delicate and full of Chinese style! The company CEA is one of the three biggest airlines in China, headquartered in Shanghai; it’s said CEA will join the Sky Team Alliance very soon, and now hunting for a top international designer to make its new uniform. I quite expect it!


4、Bangkok Airways (Thailand)

Left: Bangkok Airways is not as famous as Thai Airlines, yet I do favor the colorful dressing. Perhaps this is the only one that has combined so many colors in one suit and in a very presentable way. I give a high score!

5、Sri Lankan Airlines (Sri Lanka)

Right: The uniform gets inspiration from a scarce kind of bird, that’s peacock. And main color resembles the peacock feather, quite unique and special. It is not easy to forget!


6、Asiana Airlines (South Korea)

Being a member of Star Alliance, Asiana deserve our special attention. In fact the color is not quite attractive; yet, the total impression makes me comfortable and brings cordiality and kindness to passengers.   


7、Qantas (Australia)Actually the Australian uniform does not impress me much, but since my superstar–John Travolta took its Goodwill Ambassador, I’d like to give some extra attention!


8、Finn Air (Finland)

Left: No doubt it was credited as the most safe airline to take in 2009, I could feel such a security sense from their uniform that seem to be suitable for security person to be dressed on, by the way, don’t you think the size is little bit bigger for stewardess?

9、Air Berlin Plc (Germany)

Right: Perfectly gathers cuteness and elegance, two features that are very hard to be integrated together. However, Air Berlin makes it. Its red hat, glove and waistband are so coooooool!


10、Russian Airlines(Russia)

Left: Another member of “Sky Team Alliance”. Fashion and Simple. We can see both the tops and the skirt are in deep blue, and quite close fitted.

11、Alitalia (Italy)

Right: The dark green originates from the logo of Alitalia. But frankly, the pattern of this uniform can’t stand for Italian fashion and enthusiasm. I strongly suggest they need a new design.


12、Air France (France)

France is romantic and glamorous, so is its uniform. Christian Lacroix designed this amazing uniform, and I guess it’s one of the most beautiful uniforms in the world. I do like the red bow tied to the waist, absolutely eye catching!


13、British Airways (Britain) Royal quality, no wonder it comes from Great Britain, a country full of royalty and dignity, I could see the navy blue is the most suitable one to represent royalty.


14、Virgin Atlantic Airways (Britain) Quite opposite to the one used in British Airways. Red color and tight skirt, cool and sexy ,ah? This shows us a different Britain, Bravo!


15、Air Canada (Canada) For the first time, I find the beauty of pantsuits. Celine Dion, the noted big shot and titled as Tourism Image Ambassador in Canada, helps me make it, pantsuits for stewardess, a nice idea!

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